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Health Check Connect & Event Notification Services

To promote better coordination of care with your health care team, Associates in Health Psychology (AHP) is providing our clients with two opportunities to participate in the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN): Health Check Connect and Event Notification Services (ENS). DHIN’s mission is Better Communication for Better Healthcare.

Health Check Connect  is a Personal Health Information Resource. It enables you to

  • Use a HIPPA compliant private email to communicate with your therapists at AHP as well as other members of your health care team
  • Manage your health information from all medical, laboratory and hospital visits in one location
  • Share your information with healthcare providers, caregivers and family members
  • Have immediate and secure access to your healthcare information in an emergency

Click here to enjoy all the benefits of Health Check Connect. Please note that your behavioral health information from AHP will not be included in your PHR. Also, once you register your Health Check Account, you may choose to participate in any or all of the options that are available to you.

Event Notification Services (ENS)

This service enables your therapist to know if you have been admitted, discharged and/or transferred to any of the DHIN participating hospitals or Emergency Departments. Authorizing ENS alerts informs AHP therapists if one of our clients is experiencing a significant behavioral health or medical crisis.

Authorization for Event Notification Services