Welcome to Associates in Health Psychology
We are a group of compassionate and highly skilled therapists who are dedicated to helping you successfully handle life’s daily and long-term challenges. Our licensed psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors are very experienced at helping you meet your goals.

Helping you to face the challenges in life…
We assist children, youth, and adults with a broad range of concerns which arise in their lives. In addition, we are uniquely qualified to help people successfully cope with medical concerns which affect the quality of their life. Ongoing medical problems impact emotions and the emotional toll of chronic illness or pain may, in turn, impact physical health. Our therapists understand how daunting health changes can be for both patients and their loved ones.   We can help you to identify effective strategies for responding to life’s unexpected events.

Don’t let these challenges overwhelm your life; let us help you find solutions. Call us today for information or an appointment.