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Bio – Sarah W. Chenkin


After receiving my Doctorate in clinical psychology, I worked at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic providing Structural Family Therapy to families in distress.  I was supervised by the leaders of the Structural Family Therapy movement who studied under Salvador Minuchin.  Since that time, I have continued my training and am able to offer clients mindfulness strategies such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  In addition, I enjoy teaching clients the skill set associated with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (affect regulation, assertiveness, and distress tolerance).

A special focus of my clinical work is in helping individuals and families find alternatives to psychiatric medications.  For children, the use of positive behavioral support, pattern interruption strategies, nutrition, and family therapy and have been effective in diverting numerous children and teens from the ADD/ADHD track.  Adults with depression often find that the use of mindfully enhanced yoga, meditation, exercise, and good nutrition leads to a better long term outcome than anti-depressants.

I am also a suburban farmer and live with dogs (Dorje and Willow), goats (Cody and Violet), bees (3 hives), chickens (4), geese (2 adults and 4 goslings), worms (quite a few), and my husband (Carl). You can find more about my farming adventures on my blog.

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